What is a Gateway Community? Gateway Communities are those that are near publicly owned natural areas that attract visitors who pass through to reach their destination. Increasingly, people who visit an area as tourists return as part-time or year-round residents. One significant challenge associated with these choices is the protection of that which makes a place attractive in the first place. Of specific interest to this debate are questions that underlie community development conflicts pertaining to local land use, economic development, and nature-based tourism.

Why Should I Come to Confluence? At Confluence, we’re inviting thought leaders and doers from our state and beyond to engage in critical conversations and foster collaboration, as we collectively confront challenges at the intersection of promoting growth, diversifying economies, preserving community character, and stewarding public lands, wildlife and fisheries.

Who’s Coming to Confluence? Business owners and entrepreneurs, elected officials and planners, public land managers and recreational, cultural, agricultural, tourism and economic development interests.

In talk and deed, Confluence fosters diversity, equity and inclusion in the outdoors.